GMBC Annual Exhibition Day

On Sunday 29th October, members of the Gauteng Model Boat Club, which was established in the mid-sixties and is currently undergoing a strong revival, will display their boats and boating skills to the public in an open exhibition in which the public is invited to participate.

The day will start at 10am and will run until 4pm and we expect a display of about 30 models and participation by 40 members. Some boats on display will be scale versions of Richard Branson's Atlantic Challenger, Seawolf US Submarine, Type 212 German Submarine, Zwarte Zee tug, and any number of corvettes, destroyers, battleships, landing craft, tug boats, coast guard ships, steam boats, fishing trawlers and passenger liners. 

The ships range from remote-controlled row boats the size of your hand to 1.5 metre long, 20kg behemoths. Many of these models come with functioning diesel smoke and sounds, fire monitors, lights, cranes and guns. 

Events will include tug towing competitions, extinguishing real life fires, boat races, and sailing regattas. The public will be able to view all the models on display and to see them in action on the water. 

See us at Emmarentia Dam at the Olifants Road entrance to the Botanical Gardens. See a map here.


1. Open water session 11h00 to 11h55
2. SeaWind demo races 12h00 to 13h00
3. Scale Boat Judging 12h00 to 13h00
4. Tugging and Fire control display 13h00 to 14h00
5. Club 500 racing 14h15 to 15h00
6. Mass sail past of all military, civilian craft 15h15 to 15h30
7. Open water to all craft 15h40 to closure. Optional night sail.
8. Pack up from 16h00 onwards having enjoyed a great day at GMBC



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