The 2017 Long-Distance Vaal Dam Race

On 9 December 2017 our club, the Gauteng Model Boat Club, will be organising a race for 1m radio-controlled SeaWind sailboats over a 10 km course on the Vaal Dam, a very large body of inland water near Johannesburg, South Africa.

The course will be in one direction between two yacht clubs on the dam. The fleet of 20 boats will be divided into three groups (fast, medium, slow) which will be followed by three keel-boats as 'mother-ships' and a powerboat for rescuing unresponsive boats.

This event may be the longest RC yacht race ever held!

The Vaal Dam where the event will be held is already listed by Guinness as hosting the biggest inland yacht race in the world - 389 boats covering a 25km course in the annual Round the Island Race.


The wind forecast for Saturday 09 December at Vaal Dam was for wind in the speed range 11 to 19 knots. While these conditions would be acceptable on the smaller waters we use in Johannesburg, the long fetch on Vaal Dam (up to 15km) means that a chop builds up that would make it impossible for our little boats to maintain headway. The event has been postponed to a future date in 2018.

Watch this space for details.




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