GMBC SeaWind Weights as Measured on 15 March 2020

GMBC SeaWind Weights as Measured on 15 March 2020
SailNo Boat HelmName Weight
9 Bluebird Bruce Rademan 2.798
13 Zi Terrance John 2.840
2 Diddly Harrry Wilesmith 2.940
4 Slick Orca Brent Garvie 2.941
88 Red Rocket Bruce Hepburn 2.954
68 Gen Gary Pietersen 3.007
34 Black Beauty Sameer Samuels 3.025
7 Electric Blue Peter Gray 3.111
6 Pretty Belinda Grant Davidge-Pitts 3.150
16 Penny Lane Bernie Badria 3.170
49 Lucky Owen Baxter 3.374
111 Nelson Robin Anley 3.379

 In terms of the regulations for the GMBC SeaWind Championship, no boat may weigh less than 2.950 kilogrammes. If your boat is underweight, you must add sufficient ballast to bring the boat up to a minimum of 2.95kg. The correction weight shall be placed aft of the mast and not more than 50mm aft of the keel tube below the deck and no lower than the top surface of the servo mount.



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