Hobby-X 2020

The 2020 Hobby–X exhibitionThe 2020 Hobby–X exhibition is now a thing of the past, and we can look back knowing that we put every effort into making the show the best one yet.

The preparation started months beforehand trying to think how we could improve on last year’s exhibit. A new layout was designed with the addition of overhead lighting to highlight the boats on display.
The setup day arrived and fate gave us a slightly smaller stand than was expected, so on the fly we had to rethink the layout. We reverted to a slightly more conventional arrangement. With this done, we still managed to use the overhead lights that Bill had prepared. The boats started arriving and they were arranged in a more logical way this year -  working boats, military / navy boats, leisure craft and racing yachts.
There was the addition of two interactive stations in this year’s display, where the public could see working models. Bill had his working steam engine running for all to see, while Peter put in a lot of effort into making Derek’s paddle steamer come to life with the push of the “green button” that could be pushed by children and adults alike. When the green button was pushed, the lights came on and the paddle rotated, and finally smoke billowed from the funnels. This was enjoyed by all. Most of the boats on display had their navigation lights on and some even had engine sounds! 
We had four days of interaction with the public, promoting the hobby and the two clubs. A big thank you must go to all the members who gave of their time to assist during this year’s Hobby–X show.



See championship results here.



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