The Footy Class

The Footy class of radio-controlled model sailing boat is for boats one foot long (+/-250mm) and because it is an 'open' class there is scope for a very wide range of designs and experimentation. The boats can be made at home using very basic materials.

It is possible to construct a boat at home using balsa wood or thin plywood for the hull, bloudraad wire for the boom, a piece of toy fibreglass fishing rod for a mast, a lead sinker for the keel bulb and a shopping bag for the sail.

The Footy in the picture was constructed by George from the above materials using basic tools and skills and it sails!

The electronic gear (radio, receiver, servoes and batteries) are, of course, still required and will cost some money, but there are still 27, 35 and 40MHz radios available at very low cost and the whole electronic package could be put together for under R1000 - even cheaper if you can find used equipment. 

This class provides a route for modellers, kids or others interested in RC sailing to get onto the water and go sailing at minimal expense before committing a bigger budget to the more epensive one-meter class options like the SeaWind.

See the Footy Class Rules here.



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