The Origins of the GMBC

The origins of the Gauteng Model Boat Club lie in the Johannesburg Model Power Boat Club formed many decades ago.

This page is dedicated to the club that came before and to all who were a part of it.

On the left are the old club signs that we rescued before they ended up in a scrapyard for a few Rands, on display at one of the 2013 meetings.

The club existed over 20 years ago. It started up at the main Emmarentia Dam where we are now but then moved down to the small lower dam. They had an awesome harbour but all the facilities have been destroyed over the years and the dam is silted up too, so the decision was made when reviving the club to rather come back to the top dam and set up the new club there. Sadly the original club fell apart over the years and stopped running. 

We have been fortunate to be allowed to start up the new club at the same grounds, and our thanks go to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens and the Johannesburg City Parks for their support.

Here are some photos that were sent in by a former member of the old club. Boy a few things have changed! If you recognise anyone, or perhaps it is you in the photo, send us an E-mail and let us know, your letter will be put up for all to see.

An old flyer which was used to attract potential members.

This flyer even shows the old club down the river, but we decided to fix up the one in the park entrance at the main dam instead as the one down the river has been destroyed and would have required a lot of fixing up to make it usable. 

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