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Rivia Powerboat - Aquarama

This boat was scratch built using plans published in Marine Modelling magazine April 1997. It was built in 2020 using plank-on-frame construction method and is powered by two 340 motors with a HobbyWing 1060 speed controller.
Scale 1:12
Built and owned by Neil Hacking

 WWII German Submarine

This boat was scratch built using plans I obtained from Wallie Hinzer and was built by myself  +/-30 years ago.

This boat was constructed using the bread-and-butter method. The wood used was Jeleton, a soft easy-to-carve wood. The wood is cut according to the plan and then layered and glued like a sandwich, one on top of each other, and then carved to the shape of the boat. Many hours were spent to get a symmetrical hull. The boat is powered by two 6v gel batteries and has two 380 motors using a Bob's board speed controller. It started its life as a dynamic diver but over the years sealing it has proved to be problematic, so now I have made it a surface runner.

 Scale of 1:35.

Note:- I still have the plans if someone would like to try and build a more modern version of this boat.

Built and owned by Neil Hacking

LCT 1026

WWII Landing Craft Tank

This wonderful replica of this WWII boat was scratch-built from plans. I acquired this boat via a friend. The boat was built using Perspex and plastic card. I added a smoker and devised a mechanism to enable the ramp at the front to be raised and lowered. This allows one of the Sherman tanks to be driven on and off the boat. The tank was retro-fitted with RC equipment.

Scale of 1:35.

Owned by Neil Hacking


WWII Flower Class Corvette

This is a Revell display model that has been converted to radio control. The kit lends itself to an RC conversion as it has a very sturdy plastic hull with lots of space for the RC kit. A single 340 motor enables the boat to run at scale speed. There are numerous articles on how to convert it. These kits are still available, however please note that some of the deck fittings are very fragile.

Scale of 1:72

Built and owned by Neil Hacking

46-foot R.A.F. Crash Tender - Vosper

This kit was produced many years ago by the Vintage Model Workshop. It is a large-format kit. It is an all-wooden boat, built almost like the original boats, with wooden frames and thin marine ply covering sheets. The hull design is almost the same as WWII PT boats. These RAF Crash Tenders were used to pick up RAF pilots who had to ditch their planes in the English Channel. There are not many unbuilt kits still around.

Scale of 1:12
Built and owned by Neil Hacking

HMS Sentinel - British Border Patrol Boat

This is a standoff scale scratch-built model. Only photos and magazine articles were used as references to build it. It has a fibreglass hull, and the superstructure was fabricated from marine plywood. It is powered by two 540 motors with counter-rotating props that are controlled with a HobbyWing 1060 speed controller.

 Scale of 1:40

Built and owned by Neil Hacking

SAR&H Harbour & Coastal Tug - Alwyn Vintcent

This is a scratch-built stand-off scale rendition of the Alwyn Vintcent.  It is not a 100% replica of the original tug. It has a fibreglass hull with all the superstructure fabricated from plywood and plastic card. It looks very realistic on the water with its working navigation lights and a very realistic smoker.

Scale of 1:50
It was scratch-built by Lou Smeets and is currently owned by Neil Hacking

Vosper MTB 523

This is a scratch-built model. It has a fibreglass hull with the superstructure fabricated from plywood. I was given the rough hull and found a line drawing of MTB 523 which enabled me to build my interpretation of the boat. A single 540 motor was used with a 1060 HobbyWing speed controller. It also has a rotating forward gun and navigation lights.

Scale of 1:24

Built and owned by Neil Hacking

USS Skipjack - SSN-585 - US Navy Nuclear Attack Submarine

This is a Revell static display kit that has been converted into a working RC model. This kit lends itself to being converted as it has a robust hull with plenty of room to fit a “WTC”- Water Tight Chamber. All the radio and other electronics are housed in the WTC. It works much the same as a real submarine, taking on water to submerge and pumping water out to surface.

Scale of 1:72

Built and owned by Neil Hacking

 Fireboat - Fire Dragon

This is a ready-to-sail RC kit. It has a fibreglass hull and a wooden deck with two working fire monitors and is propelled by a 540 motor. This model is factory-built and supplied by HW Model - just add a radio and water and it's ready to go.

Scale of 1:25

Owned by Neil Hacking

MT Prestwick - U.K Harbour Tug

This tug was scratch-built from plans in a Marine Modelling Magazine. The hull is plank-on-frame and the superstructure was fabricated with marine ply and plastic card. A single 540 motor is controlled by a 1060 HobbyWing speed controller which gives this tug plenty of pulling power, it also has a smoker to make it look more realistic.

Scale of 1:40
Built and owned by Neil Hacking



This is a very well-built static display model of the IXPLORER used by Ixsurvey of France as a hydrographical survey ship. It was scratch built using the plank-on-frame method of construction with exceptional detail.

Scratch built by Lou Smeets and is currently owned by Neil Hacking

Neil's scratch-built U Boat Gunther Prien U47

Neil's Landing Craft Tank LCT 1061

Neil's Flower Class Corvette Snowberry by Revell


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