Model Boats, Radios, Parts and Accessories for Sale

Members of the Gauteng Model Boat Club may advertise here any model boats, radios, parts or accessories for sale or wanted. To advertise here, send details and a picture of the item to 


SeaWind RC Racing Yacht For Sale SeaWind for sale
Ready-to-race SeaWind radio-controlled yacht for sale. R5000 including radio. Contact Rob on 079-517-4651 or
Calypso tugboat for sale
Calypso tugboat for sale
Calypso tugboat for sale

Calypso Tugboat For Sale
Fully restored Calypso tugboat, with working lights, helicopter blade and flashing red light on tail and rotating radar. Includes 6-channel E-Fly radio. (R8000) Reduced to R7500 onco. Contact Lourens on 083 265 3367 or

Sea Star tugboat for sale
Sea Star tugboat for sale
Sea Star tugboat for sale

Sea Star Tugboat For Sale
Seastar tugboat, with working lights and smoke generator. All works from the radio (not included). (R5000) Reduced to R4500 onco.  Contact Lourens on 083 265 3367 or

A-Class and 10-Rater RC yachts for sale

A-Class and 10-Rater RC yachts for sale
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A-Class and 10-Rater for sale
My husband, who died last year, was at one time keen to take up radio-controlled model yacht sailing. He bought parts for the two yachts he planned to build, which were as far as I can tell from his correspondence, an A class and a Ten Rater. He had the hulls built and lead weights cast for the ballast. He also bought masts. He then became interested in model helicopters and never finished the yachts, partly due to declining health and infirmity. I would like to sell these parts to an active hobbyist. Contact Judy in Roodepoort on 083-309-4989 
Marblehead for sale

Marblehead for sale
Used Marblehead radio-control model sailing boat for sale, no deck or rudder and only C set of sails. Will throw in a rudder servo and winch.  Looking for R1400. Contact Wayne on 061-469-4284.

RG65 RC Yacht for sale  Used RG65 for sale
RG65 for sale with three suits of sails and a sailbag. Price - R3000. Contact Terrance on 084-462-6361 or
Graupner Rubin Kite for sale
Graupner Rubin Kite for sale

New Graupner Rubin for sale
This is a complete kit still in the box and unassembled. You can view the boat and speak to the owner on Sun 20 Jan at the club.

Here are the boat's specifications:
Overall length approx. 1170 mm = 46.06" 
Beam approx. 295 mm = 11.6"
Draught approx. 310 mm =12.2
Overall height approx. 2100 mm =82.68"
Mast height above deck approx. 1700 mm =66.92"
Sail area, jib approx. 2400 cm²
Sail area, mainsail, approx. 4700 cm²
Max. displacement 6.5 kg
Keel weight approx. 3.4 kg

Marblehead RC Yacht for sale

Marblehead RC Yacht for sale
Used Marblehead RC Yacht for sale
It has one A and two B sails. Asking R6000. More details from Andreas at 
Schnell Boot Kit for sale Incomplete Schnell Boot Kit for Sale
I am selling my Schnell Boot by Italiery. I have only put the hull halves together and realised that plastic boats are not my passion, I'll stick to wood boats. Am asking R1500. Contact Peter at 082-447-8653 or 
RG65 for sale Used RG65 for sale - Sold
RG65, as new, fibreglass hull, carbon keel and rudder, swing rig, arm winch. Three suits Mylar sails in zip bag. R3500.
Dragon Force 65 for sale Used Dragon Force 65 for sale - Sold
Complete DF65 but excludes radio. Comes in original box. Price reduced to R2000.
Used Kyosho SeaWind RC yacht for sale Used Kyosho SeaWind RC yacht for sale - Sold in a week
My SeaWind is now on the market at R5500. It's in excellent condition as it's hardly been used. All upgrades complete. I'm still using the original batteries in the TX, that's how little it's been on the water.
SeaWind RC Yacht for sale Used SeaWind for sale - Sold!
Readyset version of the SeaWind 1-metre RC racing yacht for sale with blue/ white hull including radio and batteries. This boat is race proven with all the go-fast tricks, polished hull, faired keel and bulb, bowsies, inhauls, heavy duty batteries in boat and radio and more... Race ready with all mods and polished hull. Including radio and batteries. Price - R5000.
Used SeaWind for sale Used SeaWind for sale - Sold in two days!
This boat is in beautiful condition, includes the radio and receiver. The radio runs on penlight batteries. The boat is ready to sail. Price is R5800.
USS Hornet for sale
1:200 USS Hornet CV-8 kit for sale. 1239mm length. R1500. Contact Rob in Randburg on 076-598-1455 or


Flower Class Corvette for sale
Flower Class Corvette - Snowberry. Brand new. Everything still in plastic covers. R1500. Contact Rob in Randburg on 076-598-1455 or


If you wish to purchase any of the above items please send an E-mail to  and we will link you with the seller.

If you have sold an item that was posted here please let us know so that we can remove the advert.

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