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10 Jan 2015

Hi everyone! Itís the New Year and what a way to start it at GMBC where we really are very fortunate - we have a great club and awesome members and this year looks to be a good one. 

Our first meeting for the year and the place was packed. It was definitely sail boat domination as most members seem to be getting a sail boat as well as a motor boat. I think it is the fun races that Bruce is organising that is doing it. Well done on the new marker bouys too they look good.  

It was great to see the sailors having their usual fun race, in spite of some mutterings about certain boats cheating by using a motor. (Simon launched his new Fairwind with an on board motor) Also good to see the Submarine commander on the water and plenty of talk of new ones to join him soon-ish.

Well done Joel on tweaking your PT boat it looks good on the water too.

Some guys in the club really eat sleep and drink their boats. Doug has built a masterpiece replica of the only Ferrari race boat that still holds a world speed record. It looked good on the water too, with a nice scale speed that will keep it from being banned if it did run at true speeds. This was hand built plank by plank and is designed as a display model but he did some magic to get it to work really nicely.

Some guys can really detail and Tersius is one of those. The mast on his Corvette is soldered using individual pieces of brass tube. He made up a jig to keep the pieces in place while soldering the next one -  eish.

Here is a pic of his Flower class, again with a close up of one of the deck areas and some fine detail. Looking forward to seeing the new Corvette finished soon and on the water, but these things take time.

 Well done to Derek for getting his Africa Queen on the water and it is steam powered, using the very old method of fire lighter blocks in a slide in/out tray to heat the boiler, real old school and cool. 

The members are getting itchy to tidy up the club and finish the jetty so a work day needs to be planned asap, send in your suggestions as we are looking at end Feb or beginning of March before it gets too cold.

 Well done again to all who attended as well as the visitors, unfortunately we cannot photograph everyone, every time, if we have managed to miss you and not put your picture on the website, let us know and we will rectify that asap or sooner.

We hope to see you all at the next meeting, so stay well and keep working on those boats and see you on the water.

The GMBC Team

P.S. The Web site has to change soon, as Woza will no longer be hosting it, this is not a major problem as we will simply make a new one. The address will how ever need to change, so please be aware of this and let others know and we will send out the new address to all members and friends when the time is due.

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