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Meeting - Saturday 14 March 2015

Well, as we have said before, there's rarely a dull moment at the club!

We had a good turnout with a variety of boats on the water, but we had one unfortunate sinking. This is why we say you miss out on all the action if you are not there. 

It was a quiet and peaceful day at the dam as we sat on the grassy banks of the Emmarentia Sailing Club. We had been invited to go across the waters and have the pleasure of using the sailing club's facillities. 

The sailors had a good few races around the bouys, but were also finding it hard to concentrate as someone had planted some very noticeable distractions on the lawn close by, and these were certainly not buoys! 

We also had a visit from an ex-South African Navy member and from what we hear some serious yarns were spun. It is interesting the number of people that have been in contact with the club over the years. We met a man who builds model boats as part of his art career and he has promised to bring some examples to the next meeting. 

There's lots happening and even more to come so make sure you don't miss out on the fun and games at the next meeting on Sunday 29 March. 

Until then go well and happy boating!

The GMBC Team

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