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29 March 2015

This Sunday was a quiet and peaceful affair. We had our meeting at our regular club grounds.

We had a good turnout of sailors and a number of races were held with the usual cheating, pushing and we even witnessed some ramming of sailboats as they were going around the mark, but all done gently and accepted in good spirits. The general concensus was that everyone enjoyed themselves. 

We did see a new entry - ready built and straight out the box. With his brand-new Focus, Peter managed to clinch a good few of the winning positions.

We had a few new boats on the water, Andreas ran a new tug that he has been working on over the past 60 years or so, it is seen here cruising past the goslings.

Peter also had his German torpedo boat patrolling the waters and running very smoothly.

Timon launched his new boat based on the SA Navy patrol boats that he saw at the Rand Easter Show a few years ago and designed by his grandpa.

We had a very close call where the sailors nearly fell into the water as a group! Andreas had a replica speed boat that was rushing up to the concrete embankment and about to be smashed into pieces. The guys leaped to their feet in an attempt to save it from certain destruction...

... then at the last minute he flicked the rudder and shot off in the opposite direction, with everyone muttering and then laughing. It was decided that for punishment for exceeding the wake zone rule near the harbour, Andreas was on rescue duty without the rowboat.

It was a great day, relaxing and peaceful down by the water with good weather and the best company.

See you all at the next meeting.


The GMBC Team

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