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Warm Autumn Sailing
31 May 2015

Our final meeting for the month of May got under way a little early as the sailing boys were itching for a good breeze on a warm Autumn day.

Despite nursing a cold, Simon arrived as usual to open the chain and let club members in. It turned out to be a sailboat day with not a single powered scale boat around, except of course if you consider the chairmans Fairwind scale powered yacht...

So the yachts got together on the water at the GMBC starting mark with the likes of Sameer (our youngest member) ready to do battle with his DF65 and a brand new Hitec radio. His objective - to beat his dad Peter in a race to win Peter's prized Focus yacht. There were witnesses that he did beat his dad in a cliff-hanger race round the windward mark and back!

Tut-tut Peter - say bye-bye to your Focus.

As for the rest of us, young Sameer sailing a Focus will be a force to be reckoned with. Now let's see what Peter comes up with as a replacement!

Meanwhile, Andreas arrived with his Victoria yacht after he decided it wasn't being used by his father amid mutterings of speed fixes, sail fixes and adrenalin junkie speed problems! It was really good to see this little yacht out on the water again after a long "wintering".

A quick bit of rig tuning and we had two minutes to the next race and the happy yachties gathered on the start line again. We saw SeaWinds, FairWinds, DF65 Victoria, Naulantia and a Focus all ready to go with a nice offshore breeze behind the racers. Many races later Bruce H walked away with line honours, the Red Rocket blitzing the others. (I think this model should run a German Blitzkrieg flag)

All in all a great afternoon out with friends on the water. 

Our thanks to Bernard and his team for the concrete work on the jetty - a good job! Now all we need is someone to fix and paint the old lighthouse structure and for Neil, when he can bend again, to paint his road that leads to the lighthouse! 

See you all at the next meeting.

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