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Winter Boating
11 July 2015

Seems there's never a dull moment at GMBC. Bruce T arrived with his new FairWind 900 RC yacht and in a matter of minutes got tangled up with Sameer's DF65. This was not going to undo itself, and once again goes to show why we meet as a club. The canoe was dispatched with a 'radio controlled' human paddler off to do the rescue. 

Thanks to Neil for being there to unlock the bunker and to the guys waiting on the new harbour wall to take the models out of the canoe.

The yachties continued to enjoy the winter breeze and some fun racing took place with our simple handicap system, Sameer taking line honours more than once. What a great sailor he is turning into. Peter continues to tweak his Focus IOM showing good speed and tactics coming into his sailing.

The scale guys had a few nice runs last time out with the trawler from Andreas as pretty as a picture as it pushed back to harbour limits in a beautiful wake. Seems the tweaking of ballast has made this model perform really nicely. The Royal Navy were also out on a recce in the patrol boat, lights and all. Always looks great on the water.

Whatsapp is alive with new boats under construction or latest purchases and we hope to see the German war machine on the water in the Summer. 

We also welcomed two new members to the club who appear to be old salts still with an itch. We wait to see what they bring to the club. 

Happy boating!

As Simon says the first rule of the club is... You have to enjoy yourself!

Kind regards,

Bruce Tandy

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