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Club Meeting Report
26 July 2015

Sunday's meeting got under way despite the heavy residual traffic after the 702 Walk the Talk which took place in the same area in the morning. Some members hit the tail of the traffic congestion from the Roosevelt Park side, while other members had a clean run into the club from the Linden side.

The regulars arrived and quickly got their yachts on the water - never deny a yachtie the chance of exploiting a good breeze!

'Doc's' model rowing boat was the highlight of the meeting, the little Lego man looking tireless enough to take on the dreaded Dabulamanzi canoeists!

There was a brand new old rebuilt torpedo boat with figures and all looking stunning in its new paint job. Not a spot of rust on it!

It was so nice to see TJ with his HMCS sub hunter - this model is so beautiful in every way. Submarines beware!

The club now has three Bruces, so thanks to Doc for getting name tags done so quickly. Our secretary is doing a stirling job chasing up 'unpaids' and making new members so welcome.

As always we had a few visitors with youngsters showing an interest in model boating. Death to the playstation! YAY.

Members exchanged ideas and experience with one another post meeting, so we are looking forward to some new boats being turned out real soon. 

As usual, no rules were broken with the first rule (have fun!) being followed to the T and everyone went home with that feeling that only an enjoyable club meeting can give!

Dam Wall

The Emmarentia Dam wall is undergoing maintenance and the road over it has been closed, probably for a couple of months, so if you go to the club from the east, you will have to find an alternative route.

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