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No-one wants to go home
30 August 2015

It is always a tough time getting everyone to pack up at the end of the day, especially when the weather is good and the water is just right. We had some wind and a few serious puffs that nearly blew some sailboats right over.

The water level has dropped a bit, probably due to the maintenance work taking place on the dam wall.

The water also had some calm patches so the scale boats could run on calmer surfaces. We had Peter's Schnellboot tearing up the water at high speed and around the harbour along with a fishing boat that looked suspicious and was sure to be smuggling something.

Petrus launched his brand-new, home-built sailboat and caused quite a stir, and then brave Andreas had to row to the rescue when the boat's batteries died.

Alan didnt have his glasses on and backed Simon's cargo ship into the reeds. Tut tut!

John had Doug's multi-masted Schooner heeled over at one stage and it was flying along. His family came along too and agreed that a picnic is the way to go next time.

Neil's submarine was patrolling the waters looking for cargo ships to sink and as always drew a crowd.

The sailboat racing was well supported with seven boats competing and various winners. There were a number of drag races from the Bermuda mark back to the finish line with up to five boats charging for the line abreast of each other. Bruce H's son Ross debuted in his father's Seawind and scored three wins first time out. A chip off the old block or beginner's luck? 

It was a great day on the water and as always it gave one a relaxed feeling whilst heading home thinking: "Oh well, not too long to sort out one or two things in time for the next meeting in two weeks time."

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