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Night Sail
27 September 2015

We changed things a little on Sunday by starting a bit later and running on a bit later, so as to have our first night sail this year. It was a good turn out with some nicely lit up boats. Even the sailors got in on the act and attached lights to shine on their sails.

We had a good afternoon and waited 'til the sun started to set then all the lights came on, from sailboats to fishing trawlers to Derek's fold-up tug that fits under the seat of his motorbike and Simon's Cargo Liner. Peter also had his trawler there and he and Andreas had races off into the sunset.

Peter's missus came along with a treat of eats for all to share and she was given the controls for a while, giving a few guys a scare.

We had a number of visitors and they too enjoyed the lights, smoke and cameras.

It was a great afternoon, and all enjoyed and agreed that we need to do it again even in winter with hot cups of coffee, etc.

Also seen on the water was the club barge after a quick resoration session in the dry docks.

See you all at the next meeting for more fun and action.



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