2016 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the Gauteng Model Boat Club was held on the 31st of January at Doppio Zero in Greenside. 

Present: Andreas, Tersius, Neil, Arthur, Bruce H, Dean, Irving, Simon, KC, Bill (from CMBC), Peter and Owen.
Apologies: Bruce T, Robert, John, Derek.

Election of committee
Andreas Lemmerer (Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary), Arthur Collett (Scale), Bruce H (Sailing), Neil Hacking (Ordinary Member). The committee members will have keys to the chain and to the bunker.

Maintenance and upgrades
It was decided to push for the improvement of the facilities, chunk by chunk. The continuing dam wall repair means the water level will sink even lower (estimated 1.7 metres). So there will be a perfect opportunity. A contractor named Audun came to visit the club. The most immediate items are the leveling of the jetty, the removal of some vegetation, filling the harbour with blue chip stones and the repair of the bunker doors. After this, the jetty on the right will be tackled next to make more space for launching and sitting. Audun is aware of our financial constraints and will quote us. The contractor Bernard that was used before will be involved with work not involving the jetty/harbour area and for maintenance around the bunker area.

Mission and vision for our club
The aim is to attract more members with first class facilities. There were a number of interested visitors at the club after the AGM. Also, it was decided to not allow any type of fast electric or non-scale speeds at the club.

Liabilities and disclaimers
The official in charge of the entire Emmarentia Deam area assured us that members of the public who use/abuse our facilities will not reflect on our club. This means that people running fast electrics or any other activity out of our club times and by non-members is not our responsibility.

Other Stakeholders
Andreas had a meeting with the Chairman Tony and Operations Manager Jason of the Dabulamanzi Canoe Club. Tony will inform his members of our sailing times and will encourage/instruct members to give way to us at the buoy and to not go around it. The canoe club has races and other events ONLY in the mornings, and the understanding is that in the afternoons the canoeists are mainly training or canoeing on their own accord and should respect our water space. However, there are also members of the public who are not affiliated and might act irresponsibly. The stand-up paddlers we see are often not members of the canoe club and appear to be most reckless.

Membership and Fees
The membership fee stands at R220 for 2016 and any increases will be decided at the next AGM in 2017. 

Centurion Model Boat Club
Bill from CMBC also attended the AGM and has become a paid up member of our club. He reflected that in his 16 years of Chairmanship of the CMBC the club went through many initiatives and growing pains similar to ours and is happy to offer advice. 

Considering that our water level will become difficult to launch boats from or become quite shallow for a number of months, the CMBC club is always open to all of us for free. There meetings are on first Saturday and the third Sunday of the month.


GMBC Chairman



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