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First Meeting of 2016
09 January 2016


It was our first meeting back at the club in 2016 - a new year with new adventures ahead!

We had a great meeting and it was quite busy for our first get-together. Derek had been busy over the holidays and had made a very nice replica of the canal barges of Europe. Neil had his submarine there and it looked good as always out on the water, and under it!

Louwrens' tug looked great too, puffing out smoke from its exhausts. There were a number of people and boats making for a fun and busy day.

The sailors were there in force racing around the marks and there was also this well-made fibreglass yacht. Owen brought his cool Waddy which sailed really well

Andreas had his new superboat with jet drives, which is causing some debate as to its legality on the water, but don't worry
It does fit within the speed limits and is kept well away from the other craft.

Well done to granddaughter's boyfriend for scoring brownie points by rowing out to fetch Owen's Waddy after the rudder gave trouble.

Andreas also demostrated the easiest rescue method by towing himself around with his tug!

As one can see we had lots of fun and laughs!

See you all at the next exciting meeting on Sunday 31 January.

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