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Neat DIY Smoke Generator from Centurion Club
09 February 2016

I used this design with just one exception which may be of interest to those wishing to build it.

I used four e-cig heater elements in series on veroboard to give 10 Ohms total.

Using these elements instead of a standard resistor should, I believe, give better reliability especially if run dry. These elements are pre-wound onto the wicks and have non-resistive leads welded to each end. They are made out of Kanthal resistance wire which can handle much higher temperatures than standard resistors which are often designed for a maximum temperature of some 150 deg C. The resistor specified ( should read RS 2710151) is a metal oxide film resitor rated at max 70 deg C.

The resulting e-cig unit uses 1.1A at 12V so basically similar in power consumption (< 14W), is very quick to start up and produces sufficient smoke as you witnessed.

Using four elements allows flexibility of connection to 12V (four in series) or 6V (two parallel sets of two in series).

I have some of these elements spare. Otherwise the elements are readily available from Fastech (item 1593909 2.4Ohm on wicks)

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