News from the Gauteng Model Boat Club

The Sunday 27 March meeting was not as well attended as usual because it fell in the middle of the Easter long weekend and many members had gone away.

It was a pleasure being able to use our newly-refurbished foreshore with standing surfaces leveled off, the harbour cleaned up and other very practical improvements. The locker locking system has been better protected against thieves and we have a new inflatable rescue boat that will hopefully be less of a target than the previous fibreglass canoe that was stolen from the locker.

The sailing fraternity held Round 3 of the GMBC club championships in very changeable wind conditions. It blew hard, then a moment later not at all, from every quarter. Sometimes boats on the same leg would be beating towards the windward mark or running down to it goose-winged! In one race Bruce H went from the lead to the back of the six-boat pack and back into the lead again in the same lap.

But the challenging conditions also meant that no fewer than four skippers scored race wins!   

We were able to welcome Norbert back to the club who had been a member so long ago that he said there were no trees on the foreshore! He brought a SeaWind with him and briefly joined the racing.

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