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18 January 2017

First meeting of 2017 a big success

We had our first weekend running our new scheduling plan and it was a great success. 

The speed freaks got a chance to scare everyone off the water on Saturday, and on Sunday, the Seawind fleet was out in full strength with 15 boats contesting the first round of the GMBC Sailing Championships. Thanks must again go to Allan Rosenberg for giving visitors a chance to sail. 

Without trying to single out any grouping, it must be said that the Seawind fleet has shown tremendous growth and this has brought in additional club funds. For that reason, money will be spent on improving the seating area for the sailors. 

I would like to welcome Keith Rampton and Brent Garvie as our newest members. We now have 36 members! 

Sunday 29th is our open day and should be seen also as a way to socialise off the water. If you can't make any other meeting during the month, this one you should try to attend. There will be boerewors rolls provided by the club through the effort of Neil.

With regard to the Doc's submarine, amazingly enough, despite spending a day under water, all the electronics were working and only about a quarter of the hull was filled with water. The cause of the loss was I think due to loss of radio contact which made the boat dive and Captain Duck Sparrow go missing. 

This Saturday (21 January) the speed hooligans will be out and about. 



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