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Hobby-X 2019

By Neil Hacking
2019 Hobby-X ShowHobby-X 2019 was suddenly upon us, with lots of things to organise.

  • The design for new club logo had to be finalised. 
  • Flyers had to edited and printed.
  • New club banners were designed and printed.
  • New table cloths.
  • New name badges for members that helped out at the show.

On behalf of the committee I would like to express our sincere thanks to all members who contributed and gave of their time to make this year’s exhibition a successful one:

  • Allan Rosenberg
  • Andreas Lemmerer
  • Bernie Badria
  • Brent Garvie
  • Bruce Hepburn
  • Derek Walker
  • Ian Parker
  • Kevin Glendinning
  • Lourens Visser
  • Peter Gray
  • Sameer Samuels
  • Sean Hadley
  • Tertius Van Zyl
  • Anne Hacking

A big thank you needs to go the Chairman of CMBC, Bill Williams, who has established a great rapport with the Hobby-X management and without this, this event would not happen for us. Bill was supported by a great team from the Centurion Model Boat Club.
Our aim was to make a static display more interesting and eye catching.  We had smoke coming from a tug’s funnel and most boats had their navigation lights switch on. In addition to this we had some sound effects plus the light house’s revolving light. The yachts stood tall for all to see. Andreas brought a flat screen TV to show club videos. The tall new banners were also a hit.
And so the fun began!
Wednesday – setup day.  Discussed how the tables had to be arranged and finally got table cloths on. (Thank you Anne I don’t think us blokes would have been able to pin and fold as you did). Now to fetch boats from the respective cars - this proved to be a bit stressful as we had to dodge other vendors hustling to get everything into the venue. A decision was made not to divide the exhibition into CMBC and GMBC so the boats were arranged by type. 
Thursday – the first trade day. In the morning before the show opened we looked at the display with fresh eyes and made a few changes. It was not very busy so during the course of the day we had time to talk to other vendors.
Friday -  a slow start to the day with moms and grannies coming to find bargains. The afternoon picked up with chaps taking a long lunch and coming to see what was on offer.  A long day for us!
Saturday – started off with a rush as soon as the doors opened. We had a lot of amazed people that could not believe that the majority of boats on display were working models. We were kept busy answering question and explaining how things worked, and promoting the hobby and the two clubs. Most people did not know that model boat clubs even existed.
Sunday – the last day, by now my back was killing me but the show must go on. The day was much the same as Saturday -  starting with a rush and tapering off into the afternoon. The last hour seemed to be the longest. Finally 5 o’clock arrived and it was time to pack it all up for another year.
The most frequently asked questions in no particular order were:

  • How long did it take to build?
  • Where can I buy one?
  • Are they for sale?
  • How much do they cost?
  • Where is the club?
  • When are you there?
  • And the best one -- Does it go on real water?

In conclusion - I think it went well, we attracted a lot of interest and gave out many flyers; I am not sure how many new members we will get from this but we have done our job, so if someone approaches you at the dam please chat to them.
It has been suggested that we form a small committee with members from both clubs to discuss the lessons learned with a view to making future event a bit more attractive and interactive.  (I am in favour of this)
On a personal note I must say that it was a long five days but it also gave members from both clubs time to interact and exchange ideas, building methods, names of shops and people that supply model boating related goods.
Until next time....


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