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More About RC Sailing at GMBC
Welcome to the sail boat racing group at the Gauteng Model Boat Club. Model yacht racing can get just as competitive as the full-size boats and operates under the same rules and procedures.

The more experienced sailors are always willing to share their experience to help beginners to tune and race their boats competitively.

For more information please come along and join in the fun and games and meet the guys and girls. They will gladly show you how to sail an RC yacht and may even let you take the controls to see what it feels like to make the boat speed across the water in the intended direction using nothing but the wind for power, while avoiding obstacles and other boats, and hopefully placing your boat ahead of the fleet!

GMBC SeaWind Sailing Championship

GMBC SeaWind Yacht Racing Championship
At GMBC we run two championships for RC yachts. Firstly, we standardise on the SeaWind one-meter class so that all the boats are the same and a skipper has to try harder to beat the others who all have equipment of equal performance. The SeaWind is a commercially available 'almost-ready-to-sail' boat that comes complete with radio and electronics and can be assembled in a day. All the boats are virtually identical. Unfortunately championship regattas are only open to paid-up members of GMBC, but visitors and other boats are welcome at any other time. See championship results here.

2019 GMBC SeaWind Sailing Championships - Round 11 - Final!
The eleventh and final round of the GMBC Sailing Championship for SeaWinds took place on Sunday 10th November at Emmarentia Dam in very shifty and tricky breezes. Congratulations to Brent for the overall win and especially to Gary who, but for a countback, would have pipped Bruce for second place. Get more on the GMBC Sailing Championships here. Get full championship results here.

GMBC SeaWind Yacht Racing Championship Regulations for 2020
Download a copy of the Regulations here.


GMBC International One Metre Sailing Championship

2019 GMBC IOM Sailing Championships - Round 6 - Final
The sixth and final round of the GMBC IOM championship will take place on Sunday 01 December at Rusty Hook. Tune-up races will start at 10h30 and the regatta will get under way at 11h00. See championship results here. Get more information here

GMBC International One Metre Yacht Racing Championship Regulations for 2020
Download a copy of the Regulations here.

Yacht Racing Rules
At GMBC the accent is on having fun and although we love racing our RC sailboats, it's more important to participate than to win. Having said that, there are some basic rules we should apply to avoid collisions and conflicts on the water. The basic rules of yacht racing.

For a more comprehensive discussion of RC yacht racing rules, go here.

Starting Races
In yacht racing, starts are the busiest time of any race because you are concentrating on avoiding many other boats squeezed into a small area. You are trying not to infringe any rules, making sure you don't cross the line early, and trying to get the start time spot on. In big boats it is easier because the committee boat is usually right there on the start line giving start signals, but in RC, where each skipper is watching his boat and those around his from some distance away, there is no opportunity to also be looking away at coloured shapes and start signals on the shore. Instead we use sound signals so that we can listen to the start sequence while watching and sailing our boats.



See a video here of a SeaWind sailing on Emmarentia Dam.




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