Special Thanks


The building and growing of a club takes time, effort and hard work and it also takes money. This page is put together with the aim of saying thank you to those who have helped towards the growth of the club

Firstly, to all the members that are the reason this club exists. 

Secondly, to the Johannesburg Botanical Gardens for allowing us to use the dam. 


Thanks to Stuart for helping to start things and keep it running.

To 702 Radio for introducing us to South Africa at our opening launch.

To Dean for the two boat tables. 

To Prodek Paints and Doug for donating paint for the bunker. 

To Doug for sheet metal for the doors.

To all the members who give up their time to help fix the club on workdays.

To Neil for the working lighthouse and painting thereof.

To Stu and T for dredging the harbour. 

To Dean for help with fibre-glassing the rescue boat.

To Uncle Roly and Kirsty and Stu for all the help braai-ing.

To Neil for the stunning tug that he donated to be raffled.

To The Sign Shop for the awesome Club Sign.

To Arthur for the awesome radio frequency board.


To Arthur for the cool strobe light to be raffled.

To the NSRI for joining us for an interesting day out.

To LDYC for a great venue and to Doug for organising it

To Abdul for the cement work done around the grounds

If we have forgotten to mention you by name please remind us and you will be added immediately!

Oh and I've been told to add myself too, so here I am  -  Simon - LOL!


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