Seawind Bouyancy

SeaWinds (and most RC yachts) do not have any positive bouyancy. If enough water gets into the hull the ballast at the bottom of the keel will pull the boat under water and it will be gone in seconds, never to be seen again.

It's quite easy to make your boat survive such an accident by adding bouyancy.

From the mast to the bow there is a large void space inside the hull. If you work carefully you can fill this space with Styrofoam. Get an empty plastic bag of about 30cm. The bag that a loaf of bread comes in will work well. It's very important to punch a lot of holes through the bag with a pencil to allow any water that gets inside it to drain out easily. Working through the hatch and around the internal components, push the bag into the bow space. Then break up some Styrofoam into grape-sized pieces and push them into the plastic bag until it is filled and then close the neck of the bag with a cable tie. The bag of Styrofoam will stay there for the life of the boat and won't interfere with any of the functions of the boat or its speed or balance.

The bag adds virtually no weight to your boat but adds the peace of mind that if your pride and joy gets flooded it will float stern down with its bow facing up out of the water making it easier to see and be rescued.




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